Monday, 11 May 2009


Shit, crap & bollocks.

You know when you just want the ground to swallow you up? I had one of those moments. Do you remember me mentioning a guy who ripped my heart out last year? (Not literally, that would be messy.)

Well I hadn't seen him all this year, which wasn't difficult as he lives outside London. Anyway, I was just at Boots buying a few essentials, and as I went to leave the shop the stupid fucking alarm went off. I wouldn't usually be bothered by this kind of thing, but that's the moment my ex decided to pass. Of course he noticed me, and stopped nearby so he could say hello as soon as the security guard had finished searching me. He insisted on emptying the contents of my carrier bag, which included several packets of condoms, a pregnancy test, tampons... Of course my ex saw everything. I was so embarrassed.

I declined his offer to go for a coffee (yes, I still resent him/am crazy about him), and instead came straight home to hide under the covers. If he ever saw me again, it was supposed to be when I was looking fabulous, dripping with diamonds and with an adonis on my arm. Not in tracksuit bottoms with no make up on. Bugger it.


  1. Hey, at least he stopped to talk. He obviously didnt think you looked that bad.

  2. Thank you. I guess it just shook me up a bit... feeling a lot better now x