Monday, 11 May 2009

Thank God for Bras

Hey, hope you all had a great weekend. Here's a quick run down of the appointments I had over the last 2 days:

Client 1: Married, middle aged, hotel. He had a fascination with jiggling breasts, so before making me ride him in a bouncy fashion, I had to take off my top and jump on the bed. It was brilliant fun for the first couple of minutes, but then my breasts really started to ache. It makes you appreciate bras.

Client 2: A very late booking. He had requested 3 hours, so I knew he would want a chat. A youngish chap who had recently been dumped by his childhood sweetheart, the love of his life. He had proposed, she had declined and departed. Tragic. Slept with him eventually but I think he was trying not to cry.

Client 3: Chickened out an hour before our appointment and cancelled. I gladly collected the £100 cancellation fee.

Client 4: A plain looking guy who blatantly HATED his wife. I think he booked me out of spite to her, and was quite a rough lover. Obviously has some issues and might benefit from taking up a healthy contact sport.

All in all, quite a varied bunch. It's nice to be back, 5 days seems a long time to be away in this business...

Be good,

Brooke x

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