Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Busy Bee

Wow, my life is so busy right now! I have such a huge demand from clients, and this weekend was manic. The good news is that my bank account is flourishing, hurrah!

I only had time to see Josh on Sunday afternoon due to my schedule, so we made the most of our time together. With both the girls away, we decided to stay in and watch a DVD. I wish I could tell you what the film was about, but I was paying absolutely no attention! The first 20 minutes in the dark were spent with absurd amounts of sexual tension between us. I tried to be good, and stayed next to him, eyes forward and hand resting gently on his thigh. But I heard his breathing was as heavy and staggered as mine, and before long we were a frantic tangle of limbs. His fingers were tightly pulling my hair as we grabbed at each other, and by the time he had torn off my dress I was more wet than I can ever remember being. This guy REALLY does it for me. When he eased his cock inside me I felt a surge of relief, which surprised me as I hadn't realised how badly I'd wanted this. All I wanted to do was please him, so I did everything he wanted me to. As I rode him, my back was arched, giving him a brilliant view of my breasts. When I felt him getting close, I slowed down and slid to the floor so I could suck him off. It wasn't long until he came hard, and I rubbed his cum around my lips and face. I don't understand why some girls have a problem with that?!

It's going to be hard fitting in a relationship, but I'm determined to keep this one going as long as the fire's still burning.

Still aflame,

Brooke x

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