Thursday, 30 April 2009

30th April - Success

Girls, take my advice: if you want more work, I strongly recommend getting some good photos done. Since my agency put my new ones on the first page of their site I've had so many requests, and they've been able to put my rate up! This is great. My dream is to become a high class call girl, earning so much that I could just afford to see guys a couple of times a week, and the rest of the time be a lady of leisure. That would be so lush! Even now I can be a bit more choosy. That repulsive little man from last week called to ask for me again, and I flat refused! How liberating. I must be careful not to become a diva, but it's nice to have the option.

I'm a little bit sleepy, would it be wrong to have a midday nap?

Be good,

Brooke x


  1. That had to feel great to turn down that guy!

    I would imagine that great photos would make a huge difference.

    So . . . when can I see them? ;-)

  2. Well Riff, I don't want to splash my identity about too much, but if you're ever in London I might give you my agency's details. If you can afford me... x