Monday, 27 April 2009

27th April - Vogue


I had a photo shoot yesterday to update my promotional pictures. I change my hair quite a lot so need to update them regularly; you can imagine that a client is a little disgruntled if they choose a blonde from the website and a brunette shows up at their door!

I love having my photo taken. Call me vain, but I have such fun striking a pose, feeling beautiful. I was really pleased with the results - Andreas (the photographer) created just the right balance of art and sluttiness! I've emailed a couple to my agency and they're really happy with them. Should get me more work, and you know what that means; new shoes! I am a self confessed shopaholic. I think I would really suit being rich. I wouldn't just shop, I'd do my bit for charity, organise stupendous parties and maybe start my own business as a fashion designer.

I wasn't at all amused when I was walking to the gym this morning; as if my tracksuit wasn't wet enough already from the rain and puddles, a lorry did the classic spray up to my chest - I got absolutely drenched! Bastard, I bet he thought it was hilarious. A bake in the sauna made me feel better though.

Stay dry,

Brooke x

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