Saturday, 25 April 2009

25th April: Back to Normal

How refreshing; a nice normal night with a nice normal client. The agency had already called me to let me know that my company had been requested; as it was Friday night I expected he might be taking me to a nice bar so I put a slinky cocktail dress on. I was right, we went to Taman Gang on Park Lane. I've been in there for drinks before but I'd never sampled the restaurant. Glad I did, it was lush!

He was polite and friendly, but seemed a little preoccupied. He liked me to do most of the talking but I'm not sure he was really listening - I think he had something on his mind. He'd booked a hotel room so I suggested giving him a massage in an attempt to releive some of the stress that was weighing him down. His muscles were so tense, but he had a smooth broad back so I didn't mind working on that...

He was sweet and seemed really grateful for me being there with him. I hope he's ok, there was a real sadness there.

Cheer up mister,

Brooke x

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