Wednesday, 14 September 2011

A Simple Seduction

I have a smile on my face today, and you can probably guess what that means: the date went very well last night. It was hard to tell whether I was seducing him or the other way round! This client wasn't anything special to look at, but I could tell he looked after himself; he had the type of forearms that would make a damsel in distress salivate. What really drew me in was the smouldering look he had down to a t - seeing him from across the bar, I already knew there'd be no need to fake it.

The date itself was fairly standard; we drank wine, chatted, flirted, had some tapas and then went back to his place. He has a flat in the centre of town so we walked back hand in hand, and through the dark I could feel the sexual tension building. Together, our pace sped up from a slow amble to a brisk walk - a sideways smile from him let me know that we were both fighting the urge to run full pelt like kids, just to get away from prying eyes more quickly. Being on the same wavelength, we were giggling as he closed the door behind us. The mirth didn't last long - in seconds he was on me, kissing me fervently and running his hands all over my body. Like teenagers, we stumbled into his living room undressing each other while trying to keep our lips locked together, with no light except the streetlights glowing through the window. I was vaguely aware that the blind must have been open, but he was on the first floor so the view of us couldn't have been that clear... it's quite a turn on to think that the neighbour opposite could have seen everything though!

Either one of us could have taken control and dominated the situation; I tried to judge what he wanted, and tested the water by guiding him down to the floor and standing over him. He looked up at me excitedly but stayed where he was, so I took the lead with a slow striptease, towering over him in my 5 inch heels. My legs must have looked pretty long from that angle. The last thing to come off was a small black strip of lace (masquerading as knickers); he was rooted to the spot and hard as a rock as they dropped to the floor. I stepped over his waist and lowered myself down, squatting down onto him. He didn't even need to touch me - I was already wet and ready to have him inside me.

You'd be amazed at how tight a pussy can get after just a couple of weeks without sex. I inched him in slowly, watching his eyes close and his mouth open as he savoured every second. For me, the sweetest moment was when his cock pushed all the way in, his skin pressed up against me. I bounced up and down him with a relentless energy, thrilled that this act still gives me such a rush.

I came before him, loudly and selfishly. I discovered long ago that I needn't think of it as a business transaction for the duration; we both have a lot more fun when I forget that and let my senses take over. Instead of seeing an escort he's paid for, he saw a woman with her head thrown back, climaxing with him inside her. Surely a priceless picture.

Brooke x