Wednesday, 21 September 2011

His Goddess

I've never had a problem with being adored. I know that some girls shy away from the attention, but you'd have to try pretty damn hard to make me blush. Last night I was with a client who worshipped me; perhaps a little too much for some others to stomach, but not me! I felt quite comfortable with him eagerly kissing every inch of my skin, and the time he spent going down on me was bliss.

As I walked into his suite, he let out a long, happy sigh as if he's needed this experience for quite some time. We had met before, but almost a year ago; I'd forgotten how much he idolised women - and I was his Goddess for the night. I didn't really need to do much. Just standing there was enough for him, as he circled me slowly and moved closer with each step. Before undressing me, he unzipped his trousers and took his semi-erect cock in his hand. Standing very close, he brushed it along the curve of my arse and around my waist. I was still. I could feel his breath on my neck, and as he brushed himself against my hand, he shuddered with pleasure. For a minute I thought he'd already come, but he remained standing to attention.

He peeled off my clothes slowly, taking his time to look at me from every angle and carve the image into his memory. His own clothes he took off in a hurry, then dropped to his knees. He pressed his lips to my stomach, my hips and my thighs - looking up at me I could see he was grateful to be there. We made our way over to the bed, where I laid with my legs parted for him. His tongue switched between soft strokes savouring each taste, to hard and fast caresses across my clit. He bought me close to climax three times before he went in for the grand finale; I came in waves that kept coming for what felt like minutes. He climbed onto me and fucked me after that, and he came too within a few moments. I was still panting from my turn!

Guys, if you have the patience, you should treat your lady like this every once in a while - I'm sure you'd be greatly rewarded...

Brooke x


  1. Why thank you, young man... hope you had a good mental picture x