Tuesday, 2 August 2011

That's More Like It!

Well thank Goodness this week is off to a better start than the last one ended! I had a bit of hotel bathroom sex that lead to me touching myself again when I got home, my head full of steamed up mirrors and bodies covered in soap suds. Let me tell you about it.

As it was pretty hot and sticky yesterday, we both decided to freshen up before getting down to business. He followed me into the bathroom, turned on the shower and started kissing me in the middle of the bathroom, firmly on the lips with me on tip toes. As his hands roamed over my body, he found the zip of my floral dress and inched it down, then pushed my straps away so it fell to the floor. He unhooked my bra and tossed it aside, then pushed my lace French knickers down just enough for them to fall too. I undressed him rather more quickly; now that I was naked and my nipples were hard, I wanted to feel his warm skin on me. Within moments we were kissing again, more hungrily this time with his hard on pressed against my stomach; he slid two fingers between my legs and felt that I was already wet for him. I guided his cock between my legs, lifting one so he could push into me easily. I gasped as he filled me up, and the sound echoed off the granite. My back was to the door as he slid in and out of me, getting hotter as the room steamed up around us.

We fucked standing right where we were for a while, then I pushed him out; his face dropped for a moment, but I smiled seductively and stepped past him to the sink. It was just the right height for me to perch on the edge and open my legs for him. He was like an eager puppy, and couldn't wait to grab my legs and thrust into me again - much harder this time as I had something to hold onto. The ceramic felt cool on my arse (though not the most comfortable surface in the world!) and I let my head fall back with my eyes closed. It felt amazing balancing there, him pinning me to the spot. Again I took the lead and pushed him off, only put my feet on the floor and turn round. I bent over and arched my back for him, standing up on tip toes once more so he could enter me there. I held onto the edge and could just make out our reflections in the steamed up mirror; there's nothing sexier than watching yourself get fucked hard.

When he was about to come I got onto my knees and took his throbbing cock into my mouth, swallowing every last drop as he came in bursts, his body jerking as I ran my tongue over his sensitive post-orgasmic skin. We finished off with a shower, soaping up each other's bodies and washing away the sweet smell of sex.

So... how was your Monday?

Brooke x


  1. Brooke, I am so jealous... the only time i have sex like this is in my dreams or my fantastic daydreams.

  2. PF, why don't you give Jeff some suggestions? Take the lead and show him what you like... x