Monday, 8 August 2011

A Massage With a Twist

Afternoon you gorgeous lot,

I must apologise for my absence; I seem to have a lot on my plate lately, hard to find the time for my self-indulgent musings! I've had a couple of client problems in the last week, involving one who became a bit too obsessive and another whose recent ex-girlfriend found my number in his phone and has been giving me an earful. I would gladly give her some tips on how to satisfy her man if she's having difficulty...

Anyway, to the one night of the week that is worth mentioning; I met up with a client on Friday night for a quiet night in his hotel suite. Any regular readers will know that I'm a fan of erotic massage (giving and receiving), so I quite happily obliged when he asked me to use my skills. We had both prepared for this; his room was lit by lamp light and he was only wearing a towel, with Al Green playing low on the stereo (good choice). I wore a wrap around dress that allowed me to strip very easily, slip on heels and a sheer negligee that I kept on while we warmed up. One new addition was a massage candle I'd been told about. He looked a little worried when I first pulled it out of my bag; it has one edge that's designed for pouring, so I think he was worried I was about to pull out some S&M style branding games! He relaxed when I showed him though; the wax is warm to the touch but nowhere near hot enough to burn your skin. I tricked a tiny bit between my breasts to prove it to him, which was almost enough to distract him from the massage altogether!

I was surprised how well the warm oil massaged into his skin; it was moisturising rather than greasy, and the scent was better than incense. The atmosphere it created made both of us pretty horny, and soon he wanted a go at rubbing it into my breasts. We sat facing each other on the bed as he poured more into his hands and eagerly massaged me, squeezing and kneading with wide and excited eyes fixed on me. I think sensual products are a must have for girls in my line of work as well as sex toys; some clients like some soft core things to play with. I want another one already -- how had I not discovered these before?!

Have a beautiful week,

Brooke x

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