Thursday, 16 June 2011

Time Alone

Ah, the worst day came to an end, eventually. Not everything has been resolved, but I'm feeling a bit less stressed now. I think having a night to myself last night helped ease some of the tension; I had a hot bath with jasmine oil and an early-ish night. Don't go thinking that this was a dull evening though, dear reader; au contraire. It gave me time to explore my body, with nobody else to please but myself.

First, I ensured that getting into bed felt perfect. That meant fresh sheets, smooth moisturised skin and a low lit lamp. I took the book of erotic short stories from under my bed and flicked to the page I'd marked weeks ago. It's not often that I have the time and energy for it these days, but I let my hand drift below the sheets and over my breasts and caressed it gently as I started to read. I felt my nipple harden, and that familiar warmth calling me from between my legs. I imagined I was the girl in the story, being taken roughly on the bed with the balcony doors wide open. I brushed my fingers across my pussy, then felt myself starting to get wetter and wetter. I slid my finger inside just an inch, then rubbed the wetness across my clit. Every part of my body started to heat up and my breaths came less steadily as I stroked myself. With the flat to myself, I didn't need to worry about being quiet; already panting, I started to groan as the tension built up in my body. As the girl in the story climaxed, I found myself getting close - not able to keep my eyes open any longer, I dropped the book and used both hands to touch myself. My body shuddered hard and I came for what felt like forever - every time I thought my orgasm was about to subside, a new wave washed over me!

One thing about a good, hard climax is that you know you're going to get a great night's sleep afterwards. Way better than a stress ball.

Brooke x

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