Tuesday, 31 May 2011

A Manly Man

Well. Those photos certainly weren't exaggerated or outdated. When I met my client this weekend, I was very impressed with his physique! There's something about tall, muscly men that sets my heart aflutter. They're so manly, and make me feel dainty and feminine - not that it puts me off dominating them, if the mood calls for it. I could tell that this one was besotted almost immediately, gushing with compliments and chivalrous gestures. I wondered if he might lose confidence in the bedroom due to this awe but, luckily for me, that wasn't the case.

Once the door was closed, he picked me up and threw me onto the bed. Standing over me as he loosened his tie, I knew that he was in charge of the situation. I decided to let him set the pace, so I stayed on my back, opened my legs and lifted my dress to give him a peek at the purple lace underneath. He knelt infront of me and put his hands under my skirt, peeled off my panties and threw them behind him. Leaving on my dress, he pushed it up around my waist and lowered his face between my legs. He didn't hesitate or tease - his tongue pressed forcefully against my pussy, wet and warm. I relaxed into it and let the pleasure wash over me. It's hard to remember when exactly we both got naked, it seemed to happen in stages. I realised he was when he climbed up my body and put his hard cock into my mouth, while I was still lying on the bed. The angle is never great in this position, but there's something very sexy about the submission. Soon after that he was fucking me hard, lifting my hips with his strong arms to press right against his. I let him know that he didn't need to be delicate with me, and from there on the sex was incredible. Whenever he felt himself getting close, he picked me up and bent me into a different position, before pushing all the way into me again. Watching his chest and his arms tensed up was such a turn on. I came before he did, not caring about how much noise I made; when you're fucking that hard, it has to be loud!

Have another appointment booked with him already. Good times.

Brooke x

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