Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Venting Frustrations

I never know which is the healthiest way to vent frustration. It seems like common sense that bottling it up is a bad idea, so I generally have three options:

1. Do some hard exercise (gym, running)

2. Scream it out (not ideal in all situations)

3. Fuck (my preferred choice)

I know that sex isn't an answer for everything, but it can really help when someone has wound you up. If you're alone, a rendezvous with my old friend 'the rabbit' seems to work as a great physical and mental release. Your mind is focused and free, and the feeling overcomes every inch of your body. You have to submit to the vibrations. I bet sex toys are more effective than any kind of therapy!

With clients, frustration fits a dominating role perfectly. He may not be the one who has wronged me, but in what other situation would a man be grateful for you slapping him, pulling his hair (if he has any) and ordering him about? I'm not a dominatrix by trade, but this persona fits me so well on the rare occasions that I'm full of frustration! It's quite exhilarating to unleash it in that physical way, turning it into something brilliant.

Perhaps I'll text a client now who loves to be pushed around...

Brooke x

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