Monday, 28 March 2011

How Big is Too Big?

Women often question 'how big is too big?' when discussing a man's prized possession. For some, it's not the size that matters, but what they can do with it. Some love thick girth but don't care about the length, others are only concerned about it being big enough to hit their g-spot, which doesn't require any more than 3 inches. Of course, there are women who say 'the bigger, the better', but I wonder just how big they've had it.

National averages are always varying, but in my experience, anything over 7 inches is generous - especially if they have a sizable girth to match. 8 inches is very large, and 9 is enormous. These guys who brag about having a 10 inch cock should think again before they add imaginary inches to their manhood; I don't know many women who could comfortably take that. 10 inches is the biggest I've seen, and not only did we have to go very gently, easing it in slowly with plenty of lube, but he also found it difficult to stay hard with so much blood rushing away from his head! Guys that big will never get to fuck a girl as hard as they can, grinding themselves all the way in. Poor them.

All the guys who feel hard done by with their 5 inches, you should feel smug; any girl will let you thrust away with all your might; it's the guys with huge packages - the ones you've always envied - who are missing out!

Brooke x


  1. LOL You have just made my Day, Brooke

  2. Loved your post, Clive! Glad I cheered you up :) x