Monday, 7 March 2011

Dirty Whispers

This weekend was fun! As if I'm ever lacking in confidence with men, a few glasses of champagne just spurs me on further - so the dirty whispers game was a huge success. I pushed it to the limits, never within hearing distance of his partners or investors (that could end badly). The challenge was for him not to get the giggles or an erection in public as I described in explicit detail what I had in store for him. There were a couple of occasions when he had to go and sit down or excuse himself due to a stirring in his trousers... that satisfied me hugely.

The party went on longer than we would have liked, me making pleasantries while he talked business. It's difficult to find a good balance with the wives; if I'm too friendly, they want us to do lunch together or go shopping, but if I'm not friendly enough, they glare at me as a threat (which wouldn't be entirely accurate). I love women so I'd much rather get on with them, but without the risk of blowing my cover!

He was beyond relieved to get back to his place. Also fuelled on by a few drinks, he had no intention of taking it slowly. He pulled me inside and started to kiss me hard, pulling my dress up around my waist. I swore his knees went weak when he felt the wetness between my legs with a single finger. The hall didn't look overly comfortable, so I suggested a move to the bedroom. Here I took the lead, unzipping his trousers and feeling the hardness of his cock with my hand. I gripped it firmly as I gave him a naughty look, then went about fulfilling my earlier promises.

I think I need to catch up on some sleep, I didn't get much with him!

Brooke x

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