Friday, 11 March 2011

Bend Me Over

It seems that my client has had quite a bit of practice since we last met, and has definitely broadened his horizons. He wasn't afraid to take the lead this time! I think he's been exploring the world of S&M, on a mild scale. I was intrigued when he asked me to bring some silk scarves with me; one served as a blindfold, and another tied my hands behind my back. He asked if I was comfortable in a submissive role, to which I gave a 'hell yes'!

My job was actually very easy; After ordering me to rip off my clothes, he tied me up and knelt me on the bed with my head pressed down onto a pillow and my arse high in the air. For a while, he was quite gentle with me; he stroked and kissed my skin, sending tingles down my spine - every touch felt electric. He nuzzled his head between my legs and licked me, his motions getting harder as he got more excited. I could feel how much he loved getting his mouth and face all wet in my juices.

It's a good job he got me nice and warm, because when he thrust his hard throbbing cock into me, it wasn't gently. He pushed hard, shoving my face deeper into the pillow as he bent over me. I could hear the slap of his damp skin against my arse as he thrust over and over again, never letting up. He came soon after, growling loudly as he shuddered against me.

His concern immediately after was sweet; he was worried he had been too rough or suffocated me, but I learned how to angle my face into a pillow long ago!

Excited about the weekend now :)

Brooke x

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