Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The Morning After

Oh, I feel like a bit down today. Last night was exhilarating; he totally exceeded my expectations! I had such a great time, but today I'm feeling a bit deflated that it's all over for another year. Then again, my job does allow me to be spoiled more often than most!

When I arrived he was waiting in the foyer, dressed in a dark suit and open necked shirt, holding a single red rose. He kissed me gently, took my hand and demanded a twirl on the spot, so that he could see me from every angle. The table was booked for an hour later; he said he'd had some champagne sent up to his room to start off with. When I walked in, I realised that the single rose matched the other 23, in a beautiful bouquet. The whole room smelled sweet! I don't think I'll ever get bored of men giving me luxurious flowers - I love them.

Dinner was lovely - we just stayed in the hotel restaurant so that bed wasn't too far to stumble. He was even more affectionate than usual, nuzzing in my neck and squeezing my hips firmly with his hands. I'd like to be back there right now.

Hope you all spoiled each other too...

Brooke x

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