Monday, 17 January 2011


I wasn't feeling my date on Friday. At first, I thought it was going to be great; he was good looking, witty and a good kisser. I quite fancied him initially, but the more he drunk, the more he turned into a creep. His hands were all over me while we were still at the bar, and he kept going in for full on snogs while we were sitting near other people, which is not my style. He was constantly pawing me, leering like an old pervert despite his youth. Yuck.

Ever the professional, I went back to his place and gave him what he was obviously so desperate for, but I shall not be adding him to my list of regular clients.

Apart from that I had quite a lazy weekend - just what I needed!

Brooke x

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  1. The Consumate professional - hopr it didn't dpoil your weekend. Guys like that should be left 'below the bar' :)