Friday, 21 January 2011


I had the very best of intentions to spill some details yesterday, but had an offer too good to refuse, which kept me occupied all day! Luckily for you I can still remember my date very clearly. He has an apartment in one of the upmarket docks in the city, with beautiful views across the water; the front wall is almost completely glass, but it's quite high up so nobody can see inside. I could tell he was well prepared for my arrival; the doorman gave me a nod and a wink as he showed me inside to the lift, and my client was already at his door as I arrived on his floor. Since I last visited, he'd had a modern fireplace installed as a new focal point for the room. It looked gorgeous, and created a very sexy atmosphere. Wine was already chilling next to the sofa, and Ray Charles played quietly in the background.

I love to be romanced. It brings out my most womanly side, making me feel like this is not a job, but a pleasure. I took extra time over this one, kissing down the side of his neck and slowly unbuttoning his shirt, then running my fingertips across the exposed skin of his chest. As I licked and blew gently on him, his hands roamed freely across my curves, eager to feel every part of me. I hitched up my skirt and slid one leg over him, lifting myself to sit in his lap, facing him. I could feel his hard cock through his trousers, pressing against me. It felt hot, and I knew he wanted me now. Still fully clothed, I pushed my thong to one side, unzipped and unbuckled him, and ran my hand up and down his shaft a few times. He was definitely ready. Rubbing his fingers between my legs, he knew that I was ready too. I eased myself onto him slowly, feeling him push gradually inside me until he was all the way in, deep in my pussy. I moaned as I started to rock, grinding my hips into his.

As he got closer and his breaths came faster, he begun to lift me up with his hands so I was riding all the way up and down on his cock, coming down harder each time. I gathered speed until he came, squeezing my arse with his big hands.

If anyone could see through that window, they would have seen quite a show.

Happy weekend,

Brooke x

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