Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Happy New Year!

Hello you gorgeous lot,

I hope you all had a great Christmas, so sorry I didn't come online to send you mistletoe kisses! I've been all over the country visiting friends and family, and made it back to London just in time for New Year's Eve. Of course, it was a night full of sparkles and champagne - you wouldn't expect any less from me...

The last client I saw was a week before Christmas, so I'll do my best to recall events; I wouldn't want to deprive you of my debauchery for a moment longer!

We didn't bother with dinner or a bar; I've met this man a few times before, so he knew we could skip the pleasantries and meet at his apartment. I think he'll be an eternal bachelor, married to his job; it would be a shame though, he's quite a catch. You can tell that he uses the free weights in his living room - underneath his suit, his arms and chest are sculpted and strong. It was a nice surprise the first time I ever unbuttoned his shirt!

He had just got home from work when I arrived, so he poured me a drink and bolted upstairs to shower. I flicked through a magazine for a few minutes, but then decided to give him a sexy surprise. I walked slowly through his apartment, peeling off my clothing layer by layer. By the time I reached his bedroom I was just in my underwear; I unhooked my bra and draped it over his desk, then wriggled out of my thong and threw it on the bed. He was still showering in the ensuite with the door ajar, steam creeping out into his room. I crept in as quietly as I could, then cleared my throat; he pulled back the curtain looking a bit startled, but soon broke into a smile when he saw me standing there naked.

I knew that I'd have to be a bit careful here - shower sex is hot, but I wasn't wearing waterproof make-up... stepping in with him, I reached around and positioned the shower head to point low down his back. He got hard for me instantly; squeezing some gel into my hand, I started to massage his cock with the slippery suds. He closed his eyes and tilted his head back, pushing his hips towards my hands. I then wet my hands and smoothed gel across my hard nipples, massaging my breasts in the heat. I pressed my body up against his chest, and rubbed up and down until we were both covered in lather. That pushed him over the edge; he grabbed the shower head and hurriedly rinsed us both off, pausing for a moment to spray the jet of water over my clit.

We didn't quite make it to the bed. He lifted me onto the side by his sink, pulled my thighs apart and pushed into me as I wrapped my legs around his back. Our bodies were still wet, and as he plunged into me again and again, it got even hotter. He carried on just like this until he came, and then bent down to finish me off with his tongue. Everything was warm, damp and delicious.

I thought about it again when I showered the next day, and took the shower head down to my clit again. The water pressure sent shivers through my body, and I came hard with my back against the cool tiles.

Phew, that remeniscing was fun!

Nice to be back,

Brooke x

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