Monday, 10 January 2011

...And Relax

Mmmm, I feel so rested after the weekend. Friday night was a late one, but the last two days have been home cooking, DVDs and comfy pjs. I got quite a bit of self-pampering done too; manicure, face mask and epilation. Scrumptious!

I was relieved when my client turned up on Friday; there were a group of drunk men in the bar, not quite rowdy enough to be ejected but rowdy enough to bother me with their leering. Thank God they didn't know I'm an escort, I never would've heard the end of it! They didn't dare talk to my face - just stood a few feet away making vulgar comments.

By contrast, my client was the perfect gentleman; he approved of the dress, and took me back to his room for a quick fumble before dinner. It really built the sexual tension, having heated ourselves up without completely giving in. He had kissed me heavily, with his body pressed up against me and his hard on pushing against my hip. He ran his hands over my figure, stroked up inside my thigh and slipped his finger under the satin of my thong for just a second. It was enough for him to feel that I'd be nice and wet for him later. He could've taken me right there, but it's practically impossible to get a reservation at that restaurant so I encouraged him to behave.

After a tiny but delicious meal, he had his reward. Twice.

Brooke x

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