Monday, 15 November 2010

Over Eager

By the time my date arrived on Friday night I was quite disgruntled; he let me know at the last minute that he was running late, so I had to wait in the hotel bar. I don't mind waiting for a little while, but he turned up two hours later than planned. During this time, I had to endure several drunken men trying their luck, leering and drooling over me. The barman wasn't much help at all - I had hoped he'd step in at the points where my polite rebuff was ignored, but he just looked in the other direction and left me to it.

Luckily my client turned up just when the most persistant drunk was refusing to give up, so my annoyance was slightly softened by my relief to see him. Also, the promise of a generous tip warmed me up a bit! He was obviously eager to make up for lost time when we got to his room, drinking his wine like water and feeling me up at every opportunity. I could see that small talk was unneccesary, so I let him have his way almost immediately. It felt like being a teenager again: not in that it was new and exciting, but that he groped me quickly and clumsily like he had never seen breasts before. It wasn't my first time with this client, but the charm he had switched on before was absent on this occasion.

I did manage to get some enjoyment from the session; he's talented with his fingers and tongue, and made sure I was nice and wet before he pushed himself into me. I decided that being submissive was the best way to play it in this case - he wanted a sex thing to play with, so I accommodated. It was all over quite quickly, and soon he was snoring.

It's a new week, and I'm keeping my eye out for something exciting...

Brooke x

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