Friday, 5 November 2010


Feeling good today, like Nina Simone. Last night went exceptionally well, and I was worshipped like a Goddess. My client isn't anything special to look at, but he has a glint in his eye that will last him a lifetime; no matter how old he gets, how much hair he loses or how much his waistline runs away from him, that sparkle will let you know that he has lead a full life. I bet he was incorigable when he was young!

If I didn't know better, I'd suspect he was gay; he's quite theatrical and flambuoyant, wonderfully eccentric. He greeted me with an exclamation of 'Darling!' and air kissed both cheeks. The first two hours weren't overly sexual; we just smoked, drank and told tales of our adventures of the past year. He would give me the occasional wink, and compliment me effusively on how ravishing I looked. He kissed me along the arm as if I were Morticia Adams, making me giggle; that's when his facade dropped and I knew he meant business.

I had forgotten how well endowed this client was. I guess you might assume that his over the top personality is compensating for something, but it's certainly not. I gave him a slow strip tease, carrying on with the show; he sat completely still as I slipped the straps of my dress over my shoulders, gradually unzipped it down the side and let it fall to my feet. I then repeated the move with my bra straps, and reached around to unclasp the back. That too dropped to the floor. I slid my thumbs inside the lace of my French knickers, edged them lower inch by inch, then bent down as I pushed them to my ankles and stepped out of them. Of course, the heels stayed on.

That did the trick; he was rock hard. He was still seated, so I got on my knees in front of him and undid his trousers. He lifted his hips enough to let me pull them down, taking his cock in my hand and then into my mouth. He never needed to move; after that, I stood up and straddled him in his chair, rocking slowly in his lap. The arms of the chair gave me great support to lift myself enough when things got more intense, and he wanted me to give it to him harder. When he came, he was back to his theatrical self with an unrestrained roar.

That was jolly good fun!

Brooke x

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