Monday, 11 October 2010


I was going to tell you all about my date on Thursday night, but it seems so long ago now. It has been a long and crazy weekend, and now I'm suffering for it. Hello two day hangover...

I met my client at 8pm on the dot; I deliberately arrived at the hotel 10 minutes early then waited, just to make sure my entrance was perfectly timed. I walked slowly and steadily with a sway in my hips; as planned, he was in the bar with a straight whiskey and a copy of the Times. As I approached him, he looked me up and down and nodded his approval. I wave of smug relief shuddered through my body.

We went for dinner first, just the one course (thank God, because that dress was tight and unforgiving). Checking that I wasn't vegetarian, he ordered for both of us. I know this might annoy some women, but bearing in mind that he was paying for my time, I wouldn't dream of complaining! Plus he made a good choice - you can't go wrong with duck. I made sure I sipped my wine slowly; getting tipsy and outspoken would not have gone down well with this one.

Back at his room, there wasn't much conversation. He asked me to stand still as he peeled off my clothes, slowly and carefully. When I was completely naked, he circled me, running the back of his hand gently across my skin. My nipples hardened as he grazed them, and this had the same stiffening effect on him. He lead me over to the bed and laid me on my back, telling me that he wanted me to stay there. I was almost like a rag doll, letting him position my legs how he wanted them; he climbed on top of me and nuzzled his face into my neck and shoulder as he pushed into me. The sex was slow and rhythmic; as he got closer to climax, he didn't speed up - the thrusts just got harder. He groaned deeply as he came, and fell still on top of me.

I think the whole night went well in general; I'm glad he didn't ask me to stay the night, because I would have been concentrating too hard on being perfect to get any sleep!

Brooke x

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