Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Wined and Dined

I met a new client last night. It's times like this that I thank the stars for my job - he was actually gorgeous! Of course, I have endured some fat, old, sweaty, hairy men in my time as an escort, but now I can be more selective about who I meet. He had come with a recommendation and had emailed a photo, but I still had my doubts (the photo could have been a decade old for all I knew). Even fitter in person... lucky me!

Being wined and dined in the city is what it's all about. As you can imagine, men rarely spend hundreds/thousands of pounds on a girl like me to treat her like a prostitute; this client, along with my other regulars, treated me like a Princess. I managed to captivate him within 5 minutes of our meeting so I knew that the rest of the night would run smoothly. He was well spoken, well dressed, well travelled and made me laugh; when he kissed me, I knew for sure that no extra lubricant would be necessary when we got down to it ; )

I do have a spring in my step today. Not looking forward to all the jobs to be done at home, but I'll forget about those until I have to!

Brooke x

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