Monday, 20 September 2010

Pick Me Up

I had a crazy weekend. Didn't make it to bed until after 6am both nights, so I slept through most of the days. A good way to bypass the worst of my hangovers! I'd have loved an early one last night, but the new neighbours seemed to think that this was a good time to teach a herd of elephants to tap dance until 2am (or something equally noisy). Feeling mildly delicate today, but could be a lot worse. I don't have a booking until tomorrow so I should be bright as a button by then!

I'm feeling a little gloomy today. Usually I thrive off male attention, the adoration making me glow inside. The problem is that ever since I've been hooked on this 'favourite', I really don't care what other men think. I have no interest in them and the dates feel more like a job than ever. I never used to think of escorting as a chore; it had always been exciting, funny or sexy. I'm getting fed up with my mind sounding like a broken record, wondering why I haven't been able to put this one under my spell. Sure, he likes me and will call me every couple of weeks, but I never feel content during the space in between and as hard as I try, he'll never see me as anything more than an escort. It sucks big time.

Brooke x


  1. Well, his attitude is "standard" for such relations that you have. He thinks that you consider him to be your job and nothing more. And when you try to show him that he means much more for you, he thinks that this is nothing more but just a part of you service.

  2. True. He must think I'm a damn good actress... x

  3. You could always tell him the truth and say you've got feelings for him. If he feels the same way you'll get what you want. If he doesn't it's probably better to stop seeing him.