Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Grumpy Brooke

Why am I so grumpy lately? I don't like me like this. I went on a date last night but didn't want to be there, no fun. I just wanted to be lazy and sit at home watching Family Guy with my flatmate.

Usually when things don't go the way I want them to, I stamp my pretty little feet and things are soon fine - it's not that I always get my own way, but I see a silver lining in everything so with a bit of perspective I'm back to feeling like the luckiest girl in London. Recently, this isn't working for me so much; I still have a sweet life compared to the most of the world, but I'm not enjoying it like I used to.

I hope this is just a phase/hormones - it's only been a couple of weeks. Perhaps I just need some retail therapy.

Brooke x


  1. How long have you been seeing gentlemen professionally? Maybe it's just one of those times you feel like taking a break.
    I have been there and I'm there now. Take a break if you can :) We all need to re-energize ourselves and maybe take on a different path in life. Something that allows us to grow into the future. I know escorting is always there to fall back on...but not when we are in our mid to late 40's. Well, we can but it's not something we will be proud of saying LOL

    Take care and hope you get in a better mood soon! xox


  2. Thanks Sadie, you're a doll :-)
    Been doing this for about 2 years, in my mid 20s now. Perhaps you're right; I feel like I need a break from life altogether, perhaps a last minute holiday to somewhere new is called for! x