Monday, 2 August 2010


I suppose it's the natural order of things that when I've had a really good run for some time, it's only fair that I have a terrible booking with a client. This weekend was most certainly it; he was already quite drunk by the time I arrived (not the first time it's happened with him). Instead of stopping there, he insisted that I had a few more drinks with him in the hotel bar while he leered and made sexually charged comments towards me (in public). I strongly hinted that we head upstairs, giving him just the right balance of strict school teacher and sex kitten to make him obey.

Trying to keep the atmosphere hot was a hard task (but that's the only thing that was hard). He tried to undress himself too hastily and made a mess of it, and kept giving me wet, slobbery, drunken kisses. He was so eager to get down to business, but thanks to Mr Jack Daniels he failed to achieve more than a semi. I have no doubt in my own abilities; I completely hid any trace of disdain and remained wanton right up until the point he passed out.

I'll let you in on a secret; this is not the first time I've dealt with far too drunk clients, and I'd much rather they slept it off than tried in vain to prove their masculinity for hours by coming in my face. I used a little trick of offering him a sensual massage (focusing on head and shoulders). Within minutes he was out cold! Job done. There's no way I was going to spend the night listening to his guttural snoring so I freshened up and slipped out.

I had a text from him late the next morning apologising for falling asleep - should I bother seeing him again? I don't particularly need the business, I'm a very busy girl these days...

Brooke x

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  1. I never run into drunk clients but 'bad' get them almost every week or two.

    The relaxing massage is definitely a life saver! Especially if you focus on their puts the most obnoxious into la la land.

    Sexy Sadie