Friday, 16 July 2010


I seem to be experiencing two extremes in recent weeks: either guys come within a minute of me wrapping my lips around their cock, or they have the ability to thrust away for hours! Last night was the latter; the sex was brilliant and lasted a long time. It might have helped that he was slightly tipsy by the time I arrived - we didn't bother with dinner or small talk, just met close to midnight and went straight to bed.

I know this guy quite well now so we're completely comfortable with each other; he still appreciates the small things like my black lace underwear and silky smooth skin. He stroked me for a little while, and I kissed his neck and ear lobes (where he loves it). The gentle passion soon turned fierce, and he grabbed me tightly with his fingers pressed into my flesh as he pushed himself into me.

When I described to him that I'd been touching myself earlier, it wasn't a lie to turn him on; I'd actually been imagining how that night could have turned out and saw no reason to wait. This seemed to keep me on the brink all night, so the hour (at least) of sex was littered with orgasms from me. Very satisfying indeed. At some points I thought he was going to come with me, but to that he replied "I've got hours in me yet". I was hot, tired and exhausted, but my body continued to respond to him and I just kept getting wetter and wetter.

He likes me to compliment him on his sexual skills, but I think we're just very compatible in bed... I haven't once had a bad fuck with him, and there's always heaps of chemistry. I guess some parts just fit together well!

Going to need some more sleep before I go out tonight.

Brooke x

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