Monday, 12 July 2010

Longest Orgasm Ever?

Today, I'm feeling like the cat that got the cream. I've spent the last 48 hours with that favourite client of mine; it had been quite a while, so there was no way I'd turn down a session with him.

As I was walking along the hotel corridor to his room, my stomach started doing little back flips. I've been trying not to think about him too much lately, but when he got in touch it all came flooding back. I was already wet by the time I reached his door; he answered my knock without a word, pulled me inside, pushed me up against the wall and kissed me so hard that I thought my knees might buckle under me. For a moment I forgot that I was there to work and that I was the one in control - in that moment I would have done anything he asked me.

The night was long, hot and drenched in sweat; it seemed to go on forever and I never wanted it to end. We were both insatiable, not willing to stop long enough to let sleep find us. Before he had come (the first time), he demanded to see me touch myself; with him propped up on some pillows, I sat between his legs, laid my back on his chest and tilted up my pelvis so he could see my fingers stroking my own wetness over my clit. I kept on my red lace French knickers, pulling them down with one hand to give him a better view. Each time I twitched and tensed he could feel it, and I was breathing soft moans right into his ear. I felt myself getting close to climax, and as I tipped over the edge I cried out loud and my body bucked in his lap. The first few seconds were amazing, and I expected the waves to subside leaving me relieved and exhausted. But they didn't stop coming - the peak just kept increasing in intensity, pushing my gasps out louder and making my pussy clench tightly. It was by far, without a doubt, the longest orgasm I've ever had. I couldn't speak for the next 5 minutes, feeling like I'd just completed a 2 hour work out at the gym. His words made me glow: "That was the single most sexy thing I've ever seen in my entire life."

I returned the favour by getting on my knees and taking his rock hard cock in my mouth; I made sure it was nice and wet, swirling my tongue around the tip then taking the length of him in. Sometimes I'd run my tongue from the base all the way up his shaft, looking up at him as I did. Seeing the expression on his face turned me on, and I got off on making his breath catch in his throat. He came all over my face and breasts, and when he had covered me I rubbed his cum over my hard nipples with the end of his dick. I love the feeling of it on my skin.

All in all, we had a tie with 3 orgasms each. I had a fantastic one by riding him cowgirl style, leaning so that he hit my g-spot at the same time as touching my clit. He must have had a great view, my back arched and my breasts thrust towards him. In all that time together I never once dried up - just having him near seems to be enough to make me wet.

Aside from all of the orgasms, it was great just to relax and have a laugh - we had each other in constant hysterics (especially when slightly drunk and stoned). I could have holed myself up in that room for a week and been completely content, but now it's back to every day life and grey skies. I have some finger sized bruises on the soft skin of my breasts to remember him by, and he has some scratch marks down the length of his spine. He loves it when I dig them into him hard, pulling his hair and gently biting his shoulders. I should really stop writing now, I'm making myself wet again.

Brooke x

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