Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The Full Works

Last night was gooood. I arrived in black lace topped stockings, suspenders, a sheer chemise and ridiculously high heels. I'd flashed him a glimpse of my thigh before dinner so he was excited throughout; we finished up there quite quickly so that we could get back to his room. I also ended up a little tipsy from drinking my wine so fast!

We started out like a couple of horny teenagers, kissing hungrily and grabbing at each other's clothes. I kept my underwear on, but demanded that he get naked before kissing him some more. As my hand wandered down his body, I found his firm cock standing to attention and stroked it gently with my fingertips; each stroke made him exhale heavily, and I gradually increased the pressure of my touch until my whole hand was wrapped around him. He then returned the favour and bought me to my first orgasm of the night with his fingers, skilfully rubbing my wetness over my clit.

He must have read my mind, because what came next was something I'd been craving all week. He rolled me back on the bed and crawled down until his tongue met my smooth pussy. He gently licked away, feeling how warm and wet I was in his mouth. By the time he slid two fingers inside me I was already moaning and writhing against his lips; neither of us could hold back much longer so he came back up and plunged himself into me. His cock felt so good sliding in and out - it must have been the perfect angle because he kept me right on the brink of orgasm and I never wanted him to stop fucking me.

He flipped me over and pulled my hips up towards him with my chest pressed down onto the bed; I had to use the pillow to stifle the climatic noises coming from my mouth because the walls seemed pretty thin. I made him go faster and harder until I started to come again. He pulled out and came all over my arse, completely bare bar the suspenders.

I've had some really good sessions lately, I'm a lucky girl. It's great when someone becomes familiar with your body and knows how to press your buttons : )

Brooke x

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