Thursday, 8 July 2010

City Boys

I'll be entertaining a group of city boys this evening (but not going home with any of them on this occasion). I think it will be quite fun; if you read my blog you'll know that I enjoy being the centre of attention every now and again! I've met most of these lads before and they're a nice bunch; I think they just get a bit bored of the vacuous blondes who hang around giggling inanely, hoping to ensnare a young banker with a big bonus (no offence to vacuous blondes - I've met some very nice ones in my time).

I imagine things won't get too messy as they are working tomorrow, but I've seen these boys play just as hard as they work! Today I'll be mostly pampering, making sure that I look absolutely ravishing tonight. Drinks on you...

Brooke x

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