Thursday, 29 July 2010


I have been on some adventures over the last week. In a fairly last minute arrangement, I travelled north to meet a client at a festival. It's not my usual request, but his offer of a luxury motor home and access to the boudoir showers was actually quite tempting... had it been a tent in the mud, I would have declined.

I don't normally allow my clients to see me in Wellington boots, but I managed to pull off a fairly festival chic look. He encouraged me to let my hair down and enjoy myself, which I really did! The whole 4 days was quite magical, a blur of sounds and colours and new experiences. Coming back to London was a strange reality check.

I spent last night with one of my regulars: the one who I like too much, who I think about when I touch myself. He never fails to make me wet, whether he's there in person or not. In my line of work I'm supposed to be the tease, completely in control - so why do I feel like I'm the one dangling on a string? I should be calling at least some of the shots, but I guess I have to face the fact that the ball rolled out of my court some time ago. Now all I can do is revel in our weekly meetings until he moves on.

I got right to the brink about 3 times before I came last night; the final explosion was while I was straddling him, my back arched with fingers on my clit matching the rhythm of my grinding. I finished him off with my hand and my mouth, watching him spill over my breasts with a groan.

Seducing that man is one of my favourite games.

Brooke x

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