Monday, 14 June 2010


That was a pretty good weekend. I spent the night with one of my favourites - this guy always gets me going so it's a pleasure to see him. He's one of the only clients I ever fantasise about when I'm alone, I know that the thought of him will get me wet and bring me off any time I want. I told him about a dream I'd had last week; in it, we were just watching TV in his hotel room. He was sat propped up on the pillows, with me laying between his legs, my back to him and my head on his chest. In the dim light, I started to stroke my body, then let my hand creep up my dress to touch myself. I felt him harden under my back, knowing his eyes were now fixed on me instead of the TV. As my body started to move and the moans escaped my lips, he couldn't hold back any more and lifted me onto his firm cock. I rode him gently and brought myself to orgasm quickly, still touching my clit the whole time. Feeling my body buck and my pussy clench around him, he came fast and pushed his hips up to fuck me as deeply as he could while he finished.

The real thing didn't disappoint. I soon got lost in lust, kissing up his neck and round to his lips; not much could have stopped me from carrying on. He stirs up a desire in me that I haven't felt since the barman - I'd go as far as to say that I have a crush on this man.

I am slightly concerned, because I can't get too attached to clients. It is supposed to be strictly business, anything more could end up with me getting hurt. He could stop booking me at any time, deciding to get himself a girlfriend and settle down; if I'm being honest with myself, I would be a little bit devastated should that happen. I already show him favouritism, texting him outside appointments and flirting... it's a slippery slope. I don't know if he realises the hold he has over me - I try not to let on. Sometimes I think I'm doing a great job of hiding it, at other times I think I'm not fooling either one of us. I couldn't blame him for getting a kick out of it, it's not easy to get a girl like me hooked.

For now, I will continue to see other clients, and will continue to tell myself that I have this crush under control.

Brooke x

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