Monday, 17 May 2010

Proud of Me

I'm not being naive about this; I am fully aware that at some point today I'm going to completely crash and be a wreck. But I must admit, I'm very proud of my body's stamina! I had the craziest, most reckless weekend I've had in a long time. From Friday night to Monday morning I ate one meal and a handful of grapes, and a couple of hour long power naps was all time would allow. I usually set myself boundaries, having an early night to recover if I'd had a late one, but the string of party offers was just too tempting to pass up. And Serena knows how to sway my judgement - she always wins me over!

I'm absolutely flabbergasted that I'm able to function today. I had a meeting at 9.30am which seemed impossible to attend; I hadn't gone to bed until 7am this morning. But I made it, I managed to disguise the pending hangover and now am waiting for it to hit me. Plus I need to remember how to eat, I'm way past the hunger stage!

Every task seems a lot more difficult today; I feel like a new born baby learning how to function each part of my body! I think I'm almost there, have mastered clear vision, reading, writing and standing up straight. Progress.

Brooke x


  1. I hope the 'meeting' at 9.30 am does not read this! How unprofessional.

  2. Not all of my meetings are with clients you know... I certainly couldn't manage that right now! There is a reason that I don't allow any of my readers to book me, and why I work under a different name. Avoiding any awkward situations with repeat clients!

  3. i love your blog, brooke! it's so interesting and full of life, keep writing.. :)