Thursday, 13 May 2010

The Centre of Attention

As much as I try to keep my feet on the ground, I can't help but enjoy being the centre of attention. Of course, it depends on how that attention is delivered - slimy, leering men just give me the creeps, whereas suave gentlemen make me purr like a kitty cat. I was on my way to an appointment last night and had to take the lift up to the top floor of the hotel; stopping half way up, the doors opened and no less than 8 men piled in, sharply dressed in suits of charcoal grey. The appreciative glances were followed with various chat up lines, ranging from the traditional 'do you come here often' to the pleads with me to cancel my plans and go out with them.

I wonder if that ever gets boring? Some shy girls might blush and brush off the compliments, but they can't pretend that it doesn't make them glow inside. I just like to be adored, that's all.

Brooke x


  1. Heck, *I* wouldn't mind me some of that, either! ;-)

    I was about to add that I'd prefer the attention from the ladies, though. But then I remembered that at my gym, most of the guys are gay, and even though I'm definitely straight, I still like the occasional flirting they'll do with me.

    By the way, when I first saw this post, for whatever reason, the first thing my eye saw was the "8 men" in the middle, and I thought, "Whoa! This blog is about to go in a new direction!"

  2. Haha, read a few posts back, Riff... you wouldn't be far wrong with ideas of an 8 man orgy! x

  3. I did read that one. But you haven't sent me the videos of it yet! Wussup with that??? ;-)