Thursday, 8 April 2010

Still Loving Sex

Haha, what was I on about in my last post? Wondering if sex would feel 'dull' or 'familiar'? I think I must have forgotten how much I love it, and how good I am at it! Unless the client insists on an hour straight of monotonous, rhythmic missionary, it's quite difficult to make sex boring. I really enjoyed it last night, feeling back on top of my game.

He laid flat on his back, and told me I could do whatever I wanted to him. Climbing on top, I kissed the side of his neck and crawled backwards down his body, moving my wet kisses to the inside of his thighs. By the time I ran my tongue along his balls, his cock was rock hard. I took it in my mouth but didn't spend too much time down there; I had other things on my agenda. Creeping back up his chest, I carried on further than he expected to sit upright on his face. He buried his tongue into my pussy enthusiastically, grabbing my buttocks with both his hands. Then I turned around and bent over to give him a perfect 69, loving the feeling of his hardness between my lips and my lips on his tongue.

This isn't where I wanted him to come; the grand finale was yet to come. From the position I was on top of him, it only took a moment to crawl down his body again and sit on his hard cock, reverse cowgirl style. I know he's a bum man, and this gave him a fantastic view of my arse (which I again encouraged him to grab). I looked back at him over my shoulder as I ground into him, squeezing his cock tightly inside me. When he was close to coming, I rubbed my clit simultaneously, climaxing exactly when he did. I love it when that happens!

It must have been a good orgasm because my legs were weak and shaky for a while afterwards. Brilliant.

Smiling today,

Brooke x

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