Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Lobsters and Champagne

My date on Friday night went very well. He seemed more besotted with me than usual this time, but that may just have been a result of the champagne! We went to dinner first and shared Lobster, then on to a couple of local wine bars. I have a tip for ladies if they want to look fierce: just add red killer heels! They really make an outfit, and mine drew a few compliments from strangers. Clients love that - making other guys envious of the girl on their arm. I could have been his wife for all they knew...

The next night I was quite the opposite of glamour; I stayed home drinking with an old 'special' friend, dressed in my most comfortable pjs and generally pratting about. It got me to philosophising; this client is the perfect man on paper. A few years older than me, wealthy, well spoken and mannered, fun and good looking. Yet I had a better time with my friend, not having to think about behaving like a lady. I'd rather spend all my time with him eating take away pizza than being treated to fine cuisine. Is that weird?

I suppose I just realise that some things are more important than lobsters and champagne, and although this lifestyle suits me very well right now, I know what I need to be happy long term. I'll probably only be escorting for a couple more years before I decide to settle down, and that's when I'll really have to decide what I want.

Yours pensively,

Brooke x


  1. My guess is you'll want a husband and babies. Make sure he's at least as rich as you are.

  2. Not just yet GB, a have a few years left in me yet... but yes, I shall make sure he can still spoil me ;-)


  3. I don't think it's weird:-) after all the first is your job, the second is leisure time where you can be much more relaxed. If you plan to stop escorting in a few years, maybe it would be a good idea to start working part-time first or getting some higher education in the field(if you don't already have)?