Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Angry Sex

It's a good job that my client last night was a regular, because I was feeling pretty wound up when I went to meet him. Had it been someone new, I would have struggled to make small talk through the initial drinks and kept up my 'perfect lady' act; I was in a bad mood, and I knew exactly what had to be done to relieve the tension that had crept through my body that afternoon.

David* met me at the door to his hotel suite, and with a brief greeting I swanned past him and put my bag on the table. He looked slightly baffled at my hostile entrance but made no complaint. As I rummaged through the contents of my favourite McQueen, I ordered him to take off all his clothes and get on the bed. He obliged without a word, quivering with excitement as he eagerly awaited what I had in store for him. I kept my clothes and heels on, pulling three silk scarves out of my handbag. If a client isn't particularly into S&M I find these a more comfortable bondage option than ropes or handcuffs; David and I had tried a bit of tie and tickle before, so I knew he wouldn't object.

He was lying on his back, propped up against the pillows. I hitched up my skirt and crawled up until I was straddling his waist; the first scarf went on as a blindfold, and the second was wound tightly around his wrists to bind his hands above his head. I could hear how heavy and staggered his breathing was. The last scarf went in his mouth as a gag and I tied it securely behind his head; he looked slightly less comfortable with this part but I was in no mood for conversation.

Climbing off him, I wrenched his legs apart and put my head between his thighs, running my tongue under and around his balls first. A muffled groan came from above me, but I ignored it. I knew how badly he wanted to watch me do this, but tough shit. I felt a bit sorry for David because he hadn't done anything wrong; it wasn't him who had pissed me off, but I felt that this was the best way to take out my frustration on him.

I got on top when he was rock hard and slipped on a condom; because he was so eager, pushing his pelvis up towards me, I made sure he entered me as slowly as physically possible. I lowered myself onto his cock, feeling him fill me up millimetre by millimetre. I have to confess, it was a relief for both of us when I finally got to the base and had all of him in me. From there, I began to move my hips in short, sharp thrusts fucking him as hard as I could. Every time my skin slapped against him he tried to let out a moan, stifled by his gag.

I brought him right to the brink three times before I let him come; there was no way I was letting him do it until I had. My orgasm took quite a while to come, but when it did it was hard and explosive, releasing a lot of my anger and leaving me feeling more peaceful.

David didn't make me explain my mood afterwards; he was just grateful, and for all he knew it was all part of the act. I still didn't feel much like cuddling, but at least was much more friendly towards him. I can't decide whether he's a poor bastard or a lucky git - probably the latter. Please excuse my language by the way, my mouth seems to be a bit filthy today.

Brooke x


  1. Lucky git, absolutely no doubt about it, particularly as he is a regular. The fact that you changed the field of play would have shaken him and excited him hugely. Of course, your problem now will be what do you next time he books you?

  2. I think he'll want you to treat him like your bitch in all future encounters. I hope he's not disappointed.

  3. He was probably thrilled with the sudden change of pace and likes even more now...keep up the good work ;-)

  4. I think you're right guys, he sounded quite satisfied when he text me last night! Perhaps my sex is like Alanis Morrisette's music - best when angry! Though I hope not, because I'm usually such a jolly soul... x