Tuesday, 9 March 2010


I love the female imagination. I know that when it comes to sex, men are a lot more visual than women; we can close our eyes and picture a whole erotic scenario with minimal effort. It doesn't take much stimulation to get me going - just a finger stroking my arm can make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up if I'm in the right frame of mind.

The client I was with last night wanted a lazy night. He works long hours and is only in London during the week, so whenever I get to see him he's quite exhausted. We laid on the bed watching a film in his hotel room, him lying behind me with his arms wrapped round me. It wasn't until about half way through the film that he started to kiss my neck, his hands roaming over my body and making their way lower. I let him take control at first, peeling down my panties and stroking his fingers over my pussy. This is where my imagination came in: as soon as he had started to kiss me from behind, I pictured him pushing his hard cock between my legs spreading the wetness around, then pushing my arse towards him so he could enter me from where he was. By the time his fingers found me I was soaking wet and completely ready for him.

I rolled over to face him kissing him hungrily on the lips, then lifted my leg over his hip so he could screw me face to face. As he sped up our hot skin started slapping against each other and the sound turned me on. I decided it would be ok for me to take control now, so I pushed him onto his back and climbed on. I rode him slowly at first, grinding him deep into me and leaning forward to rub my clit on him. Then I took him all the way in and out working the length of his cock, watching his head tilt back in ecstasy. As my hips moved faster he flipped me over again and lifted my leg so that he could push himself all the way inside, fucking me hard on my back.

I could feel him getting close so I rubbed my clit as he thrusted into me, bringing me to climax just as he came with a groan. I hadn't had any for a few days so it was a sweet release.

Today I'm tired but happy, think I'm having a night in tonight.


Brooke x


  1. yummy reading this makes me hungry

  2. Wow,that was hot!
    I knew it! I often pay for sex,
    and I always thought some of these girls seem to enjoy the sex,to a degree way beyond an oscar-winning actress.
    The common misconception often portrayed is that it is extremely rare or even impossible for a Working Girl to enjoy sex with a client.
    That it is always an awkward,uncomfortable experience for both,and is soul-destroying for the worker,who must be doing this out of nothing else but desperation,that they cannot possibly enjoy their work,ever.
    I find it insulting,it is a myth always perpetuated by some moralistic,religously stunted,sexually repressed,uninformed no-mark who has never fully experienced it from either end of the transaction.
    Or they are people whose only knowledge and experience of prostitution is hookers that are poor,hungry,homeless,desperate,drug-addicted,streetwalking,STD-infested victims of sexual abuse and trafficking.
    So they assume this is the norm,that any woman doing this must be mentally ill,deprived and needs saving.
    Workers in clothing factories are exploited in the third world,working long hours in terrible conditions just to SURVIVE,forget about actually having a comfortable life.
    But that is not the norm for the whole clothing/textile industry,just an unfortunate side of it.
    But we do not say 'All clothing manufacturers are evil!'
    So then why is the whole Sex Worker Industry seen only in a negative light?
    This is not the Third World,none of the girls I pay for sex are whacking me off for their next meal.
    They earn ridiculous amounts of money (and I pay it gladly) and work their own hours,and don't do anything sexually they don't want to do.
    Some only do it for a summer,or a year,to pay for college,etc. and give themselves a better shot at life.
    It's not all vanilla,sure,but then what profession is?
    One girl I visit often (Ana,mentioned on my blog) earns £40-50 for what amounts to maybe five minutes actual work (She knows how to get me off real fast now) and all she does is sit on my face while I lick her asshole and ask her to jerk me off or sometimes I just tell her to sit there,and I jerk myself off!
    Seriously,how bad can that be for a girl?
    Once I blow my load on my stomach and she hops off,laughing and counting my money,I sometimes wonder,in my post-coitial haze,just who the hell is being exploited here!
    (I'm joking,Ana,darling,the pleasure is all mine...)
    So hookers may sometimes have to place the happiness of their client above their own and do what many think unthinkable...well,in any right-minded culture/society,Working Girls would be revered,sacred,amost like angels or saints.
    In Ancient Greece,Rome,Japan,China,etc. Prostitutes had a high social status,they had the company of Kings and World Leaders.
    Anyway,I'm smoking my third joint,so I'm rambling,but yeah,thanks for confirming my belief that at least some of the girls I have paid for were getting off on it...


  3. Wow, that's quite a vent, Gerard! I completely agree, it's very sad that some unfortunate situations taint the whole industry.

    Hope it felt good to get it off your chest :-)

    Brooke x

  4. It felt great,Brooke,thanks.
    I have put up a link to your blog on mine-
    on it,I use my real name and face,not an alias,I want to celebrate Working Girls,
    I meant what I said,you girls are like angels to me.