Friday, 19 March 2010

Road Trip

Hurrah, Friday has arrived at last! I'm off on a road trip this afternoon to visit some friends up North, should be lots of fun. I've miraculously managed to pack light, limiting myself to only one pair of heels. It was hard!

My only task today is to find a birthday present for the girl I'm out to dinner with tomorrow. That might not sound too difficult, but what do you get a girl who already has everything? She has enough handbags to sink a ship, is allergic to perfume and doesn't wear jewellery, will not appreciate anything edible and is too prudish about her sex life to buy her something kinky. I'm running out of ideas and down to the last resort - something every girl should have: a 'tickle me Elmo'. Plan? : )

Brooke x


  1. Too prudish even for sexy underwear?

  2. Does she have a Hitachi Magic Wand?
    It does have legitimate uses!
    But works on ALL areas of the body that need attention!


  3. Thank you for the suggestions boys; in the end I settled for a little nightwear set, cute but sexy. Seemed to do the trick! x