Thursday, 18 February 2010


Hurrah, everything ran smoothly last night! However, I will now need a few days to recover - I should've known he would ply me with wine. The only thing I didn't excel at last night was the blow job; this is usually my forte, my crowning glory. But when you have a big cock in your mouth and you can't breathe through your nose all that well, there is the slight issue of suffocation... he seemed quite content to move on to other activities though, lucky escape!

One of my regulars called me yesterday to let me know that he's relocating in April, so we won't be able to meet any more. It's a shame - I choose my clients carefully and only see a handful of guys these days. I guess I'll have some free time coming up in a couple of months....

Brooke x

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  1. I could imagine how difficult oral sex would be with a stuffy nose. ;-) That's a drag about losing a regular.