Monday, 18 January 2010

Beautiful Bournemouth

I thought things were cooling off with the barman. He had been behaving like a bit of a dick of late, but I always seem to succumb to the slightest advances from him. Knowing that he still likes me in flat shoes, I was able to take him up on his offer of going to see him in Bournemouth this weekend. I was very surprised to find him waiting at the train station with flowers, and even more surprised that he had booked us into a plush hotel instead of staying at his flat. I'm not usually won over that easily, but the sight of his broad shoulders and strong biceps made me wet my knickers a bit. He really does it for me!

We fucked on the bed, face to face. He bent me over the sofa, and we made good use of the table. I love how hotel rooms are full of surfaces the perfect height for screwing! We both were insatiable, and lying with him afterwards I felt totally content. Even as he slept I couldn't stop kissing his back and thinking about how else I could turn him on when he woke up. I definitely think my sex drive has come back with a vengeance!

I feel stable enough on my feet to go back to work this week, though I'd rather lay in bed daydreaming about how perfect this weekend was...

Brooke x

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