Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Bad Dreams

I had a restless night last night. I dreamed that I was a Jew in World War II, hiding in a friend's attic for safety. Realistically, my hiding place was quite crap; I think I was just under a blanket in the corner. Then I woke up, tossed and turned a bit, and went back to sleep only to dream about the barman kissing other girls. I'm not the jealous type and am quite used to girls throwing themselves at him, but in my dream he was making out with some bimbo right in front of me and it made me feel sick. I know I can't be only his, but I want him to be only mine!

I keep letting myself get carried away with this fantasy of settling down with him, but I know that's not an option right now. We're not even exclusive! I'm only 24, I have a few more good years of earning obscene amounts of money in the escort industry yet. I just need to remember that I adore London, I love my freedom and my gorgeous flatmates. Life is good, why change it?!

Brooke x

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