Monday, 7 December 2009

Sex, Sex & More Sex

Wow. That was bloody awesome. I spent 3 whole nights with the barman; I would've thought he had other people to see and things to do while in London, but all he wanted to do was me! I hope it's not dangerous to keep taking my contraceptive pill continuously and skipping periods altogether... I just haven't had time for one recently!

He stayed in with me on Saturday night and cooked me lamb shank with mint sauce - delicious. It all felt quite coupley as we cuddled up on the sofa and talked about everything and nothing. We went to bed late, but sleep was the last thing on our minds. He was very giving, going down on me for what felt like hours. He carefully worked his tongue over my pussy, teasing my clit and watching for when my stomach muscles tensed (evidence that I was enjoying it). He listened carefully for my heavy breathing and moans, using them as a guide. My poor flatmates must've got a right earful! He would wait until I was squirming with pleasure before pulling himself up to plunge his erection inside me. He is so amazing in bed, anyone would think that he was the professional!

I was about 3 hours late to meet a friend this morning because I didn't want him to leave; I trapped him in bed with my thighs (though he didn't object too strongly).

Work doesn't seem as exciting this week, all I want is him.

Brooke x

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