Wednesday, 2 December 2009


This place is lovely. I do kind of miss the buzz of London - it's so quiet here, and if I wasn't being waited on hand and foot I think I might get bored!

I could probably spend all day in the spa; heated pool, jacuzzi... mmmm. My client seems quite besotted with me; we'd met around 4 times before coming here, but he's gone a bit soppy and is hanging on my every word. It's a good job he doesn't come in the pool with me because I think he'd have a permanent erection!

I took him upstairs last night and made him glad that he'd brought me with him. As he sat in an arm chair, I crawled towards him on my hands and knees (which might have looked quite silly if I hadn't done it so seductively). Once knelt in front of him, I eased his trousers down and pulled them all the way off. Everything was done so slowly and precisely that I felt like I was doing a strip tease - though this was in reverse. I was already in my lingerie.

Although he's experienced one of my blow jobs before, he still gasped and leaned his head back when I finally took his cock into my mouth. I spent some time teasing him with my tongue, working him up until he was rock hard and gagging for me. Speaking of gagging, he did hit the back of my throat but it didn't deter me. I carried on pressing my wet lips down his shaft, pausing occasionally to gently suck on his balls. He couldn't hold back and came hard in my mouth, grasping the back of my head. There was no fucking until later that night, cuddled up in bed. I'm quite happy to spoon; I'm often complimented on my GFE.

Tonight will be our last night here, then back to the big smoke. Long old journey too, hope my ipod doesn't run out of battery...

Brooke x

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