Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Hot But Mushy

IT'S SNNOOOOWWWIIING!!!!!!! Ahh, sorry, just had to get that out of my system.

I thought it would be an ingenious idea to heat the milk for my cereal up in the microwave; toasty warm breakfast. But even if I add the Weetabix afterwards, they still go super mushy within seconds! Is it possible to have crunchy cereal with warm milk? I don't like it soggy :-(

Talking of hot but mushy, the barman emailed me yesterday. I thought he was going off me as I hadn't heard anything for a while, but he sounded quite keen. All apologetic for not being in touch, desperate to see me... a player perhaps? Or was genuinely busy with a temperamental phone? I figure if I don't have any expectations, I won't get hurt.

On a third count of hot but mushy, my client last night adored me - and he was hot in a bad way. Sweaty. I had to get a bit feisty and keep pushing his arms back against the bed so he didn't rub his grubby little mitts all over me. He looked quite nice in a suit, but it was deceptively flattering! I don't think I'll see him again; he will be upset though. He kept breathing "Oh my God, you're so hot. I wish you were mine". Mushy.

Brooke x

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