Friday, 18 December 2009


I'm feeling the excitement now!!! Was a bit sad this morning as it was my last session with my personal trainer before he moves away. I'll really miss him :-(

But apart from that, all is rosy and I'm really looking forward to Christmas. I've got some amazing parties this weekend (rooftop ball, anyone?) and then off to visit family. So I'm sorry if I don't get on here as much.

I had a very nice time last night. For a change, he gave me a massage; we usually begin with the situation reversed. His hands felt strong on my back, and as he worked lower I felt that familiar tingle down below. He pressed his erection against my buttocks as he rubbed all the tension away from my body, and when he was ready he turned me over beneath him. There were no aerobics or theatrics last night; it was just regular, man on top sex. But for some reason it felt amazing - I think I really needed it. I moved his hips with my hands as he pushed his cock into me, telling him when to go softer, slower, deeper or faster. It seemed more honest than usual, no faked orgasms. Maybe because I hadn't seen the barman for a couple of weeks I was able to concentrate on the man I was with instead.

I'm sure I'll speak to you before, but if not have a very Merry Christmas!

Brooke x

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  1. Ah that's good to hear. Like a true pro, you got back on the saddle after falling off the horse. I'm proud of you.