Monday, 9 November 2009


Monday morning, urg. Already looking forward to my next appointment on Wednesday night, with one of my more handsome clients. I've been so bored this week that I've decided to go to a lot of effort and psyche myself up for it. I have a wax booked for Tuesday morning, and today I'm going to have a full body massage. I've had the same male masseuse the last couple of times and he is fine. I wouldn't mind me some of that!

I spent a couple of nights with the barman. He took me to watch some fireworks on Saturday night, then took me to dinner in Angel yesterday. I'm not really sure what's going on - are we dating? Who knows. I'd rather not ask. The blow job I gave him did make him a bit more infatuated with me (as was my plan), it left him speechless for about ten minutes. It did feel a bit coupley last night as we cuddled up in bed watching DVDs... it was kinda nice though.

Just going to see where it goes!

Brooke x

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