Thursday, 12 November 2009

Keeping my Cool

I did manage to keep my cool last night and behave like the perfect lady. I was squealing inside of course, but nobody knew that. We weren't able to spend much one on one time with the object of my desire, just a brief introduction - but that smouldering stare was enough to make me wet my knickers a little bit.

We left quite early to avoid getting too drunk - free bars are always dangerous. Back at the hotel a lot of fun was had by all; I decided to go for the school girl outfit. I'd briefly suggested it to my client earlier in the day and he was very enthusiastic about the idea. I love dressing up and role play! My previous excitement was still evident so the sex was fast and easy. I teased him for a little while first, keeping him pinned to his chair with anticipation. When I climbed on re was rock hard, and I took the full length of him in the first thrust. It was a huge relief for me, felt like ages since I'd last come. He held my bullet vibrator on my clit as I rode him; it kept slipping off the right spot with the motion so I took it from him and held it myself. My orgasm was long and satisfying, and the clenching muscles in my pussy made him climax just moments after.

I told you it was fun!

Brooke x

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